Kitten Sale

Due to the high number of kittens at the shelter we will be running a sale on kitten adoptions until further notice.

Adoption prices will be as follows:

  • If getting one kitten (NOT already spay/neutered)–$75 adoption fee + $50 spay/neuter voucher + $9.84 tax = $134.84 total
  • If getting one kitten (already spay/neutered)–$75 adoption fee + $5.91 tax = $80.91 total
  • 2-for-1 Deal–$75 adoption fee for 1st kitten + $50 spay/neuter voucher for 1st kitten + $50 spay/neuter voucher for 2nd kitten + $13.78 tax = $188.78 total for the 2 kittens

We have 30+ kittens right now for you to choose from, so come down and pick out your favorites! We are open Saturdays from 11-2 or by appointment during the week. Call the shelter at 507-359-2312 to make your appointment.