Make a Friend for Life

In the past six years, the Brown County Humane Society has adopted out over 2,500 dogs and cats to their forever homes.

2019  –  446 animals
2018  –  402 animals
2017  –  411 animals
2016  –  465 animals
2015  –  483 animals
2014  –  393 animals
2013  –  477 animals
2012  –  456 animals
2011  –  456 animals

We appreciate all BCHS volunteers, donors and friends.  Without all of you, we could not survive to help out the many abandoned dogs and cats that come into our shelter.

If you are looking for a companion animal to share your life, there are many, many animals needing good homes.  To locate dogs and cats that are ready for adoption, go to Petfinder, Facebook or contact the Brown County Humane Society in New Ulm.  Click on the icons below for further information.

We thank you and the animals thank you!

Dogs and Cats Ready for Adoption:

Call BCHS at 507-359-2312

For available Pets:
go to:


How to Adopt a Pet:

Once you/your family have decided to adopt an animal into your home, you first need to determine what type of animal would be the best fit for your lifestyle – a cat, a kitten, a dog, a puppy or other animal.

Then you need to ask yourself if you have the time, energy and money to properly care and provide for the animal.  All members of the household are encouraged to come in and spend time with the animal while the application if being processed, including your four-footed household members, to ensure that the new pet is compatible.

If you are looking to adopt a particular breed of animal, you go to Pet Finder and/or the county humane society’s web pages to locate an animal.  The adoption hours at the BCHS are every Saturday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm to visit the animals.  Also, you may call the humane society to make an appointment to come in and visit the animals.  Please bring a leash and collar for adult dogs or a secure animal carrier for cats, kittens or puppies.

At the time of the adoption, all animals have been examined by a veterinarian.  They have been vaccinated against distemper and rabies, wormed and cats have been checked for feline leukemia and dogs for heartworm.  Dogs and cats that are old enough (as determined by the vet) are spayed or neutered.  Pets that are too young at the time of adoption are spayed or neutered by the new owner.  They pay a $50 deposit which is refunded upon spaying or neutering.

If you are interested in adopting but are not immediately available to pick up the animal you may put down a $20 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will go towards the adoption fee.

AnimalPricesTotal Cost
Adult Dog (Spayed or Neutered)$125.00 + $9.84 tax$134.84
Senior Dog (Spayed or Neutered)$55.00 + $4.33 tax$59.33
Puppy (Not Spayed or Neutered)$125.00 + $50.00 Deposit + $13.78 tax$188.78
Adult Cat (Spayed or Neutered)$100.00 + $7.88 tax$107.88
Senior Cat (Spayed or Neutered)$40.00 + $3.15 tax$43.15
Kitten (Not Spayed or Neutered)$100.00 + $50.00 Deposit + $11.81 tax$161.81

Our flexible adoption program sends hundreds of animals to their forever homes each year.  The adoption process includes completion of an Application to Adopt from BCHS, completion of the BCHS Contract Agreement, and payment of above adoption fees.  If the adopter rents their home, they must complete a Rental Agreement with their landlord before adoption.  If the animal is too young to be spayed or neutered, they will receive a Dog or Cat Spay/Neuter Refund Form.

Our adoption goal is to find the most suitable, permanent home for a shelter animal in our care.  The matching of animal and family is not always easy.  The adopted pet must fit into the new environment.  Some pets require lots of exercise or space and would not do well in a small apartment.  Not all pets get along with children.  We want to make sure the pets and their new owners are happy living together.

If we deny your application for an animal, please remember that we are not implying that you would be a bad companion animal owner; we only have concluded that another home is better able to meet that animal’s needs.

If your application was approved for a different pet, we encourage you to let us help you select a more suitable animal.  It is our great pleasure to bring adoptive families and animals together, and we will do our best to make your adoption experience a smooth and satisfactory one.

Please note:  A pet can not be selected for someone else without their knowledge and approval.  Pet ownership is a major responsibility and must be carefully considered by the owner.  Instead of giving a pet as a surprise gift, bring that special someone to one of our adoption events and see what happens.

Enjoy your new companion animal.  If you have any problems or questions, please give us a call.  Thank you for giving one our furry friends a second chance.

Surrender Program:

The BCHS takes in surrendered/relinquished pets whose owners are no longer able to care for them.  We ask that people call to make arrangements and/or an appointment as space is limited.  If we are full, we will put the owner on a “surrender” list.  We ask a fee to get the pet ready to be adopted.  Fees are dependent on the type of animal. Please call the shelter at  507-359-2312.  Please leave a message if we are not open.  Complete the Surrender Form.

Brown County Humane Society is located at 1301 South Valley Street in New Ulm, MN

Phone: 507-359-2312 – E-mail:

Office Hours: Saturday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm or by appointment

Owner Reclaim Fees

In the event that an animal has been brought to the shelter and its owner has been found the humane society can hold the animal for a reasonable amount of time. Please note that if arrangements have been made to pick up the animal and the owner fails to show up, we charge an extra $10 per day to board the animal.


  • 1st time – $25
  • 2nd time in one calendar year – $55
  • 3rd time in one calendar year – $125


  • 1st time – $40
  • 2nd time in one calendar year – $55
  • 3rd time in one calendar year – $125

Adoption Forms